Top 3 Award-Winning Craft Beers Brewed in Ontario

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Throughout Ontario, there are various styles of beer brewed by different craft breweries. Ontario has a rich history with brewing, and the tradition of brewing excellent beer is still thriving with success, with people from all over Canada visiting Ontario to taste some of the award-winning beers.

These are 3 of the most recent award-winning brewing companies in Ontario that have been in the spotlight for producing some of the best beer.

Road Block Doppelbock – Walkerville Brewery – Gold Canadian Brewing Award

The Road Block Doppelbock is a German-style doppelbock beer. It’s brewed with a long cool fermentation process and is a deceptively easy beer to drink. The taste is enhanced with months of maturation in bourbon barrels.

The beer has tones of vanilla from the American Oak barrels once used for Bourbon. The beer has an ABV of 8.5%.

Arrow Pilsner – Trestle Brewing Company – Gold Ontario Brewing Awards

The Arrow Pilsner is a German-style pilsner that is brewed for 8 weeks. It is an easy-drinking beer with a pilsner malt base with a focus on tasty hop flavours. The taste is clean and crisp with spicy bitterness and hops aromas.

It’s a beer with an ABV of 5% and got its name from the rich history of the highwater mark in aerospace engineering.

Woodhouse Lager – Woodhouse Brewing Company – Gold Ontario International Lager Award

This is a smooth amber lager using only the finest ingredients patiently aged for almost 2 months before its canned. The Woodhouse Brewing Company is situated in Toronto and has a passion specifically for Lager.

It’s a perfectly balanced amber lager with an aroma of malt, subtle citrus hops, and a smooth semi-sweet taste.

The beers on this list have all won local awards for their brewing excellence in lagers, ales, and pilsners. These awards are given to the most tasteful beers showcasing the talent and passion of Local Ontario Breweries.