Canadian Brewing Blogs

The blogs on this list are insightful resources for learning more about Canada’s brewing industry and the role it plays in the economy. These blogs provide detailed information on the top breweries in Canada and the beers they produce.

The Growler/Ontario’s Beer Guide –

The Growler is a craft beer lifestyle guide for those who are passionate about good beer, food, music, and want to indulge in the latest beers and breweries in Ontario, Canada. They post an article each week as well as a bi-annually published trade-paperback digest informing the public on all the latest news in the brewing industry.

What’s Brewing –

What’s Brewing is a magazine about the craft beer movement in Canada and especially British Columbia. The articles feature craft beer community contributions and spotlight some of the best articles by BC beer Bloggers and authors to help bring attention to the movement and how craft brewing is becoming more popular throughout Canada.

A Good Beer Blog –

This is the second longest-running beer blog in the world and is based in Ontario, Canada. The blog is run by Alan McLeod, who is seen by many as Canada’s favourite beer historian with a passion for craft breweries. The blog was established in 2002, and it provides interesting reads on Canada’s brewing industry and breweries throughout all the provinces.

Canadian Craft Brewers Association Blog –

The Canadian Craft Brewers Association is based in Ontario and posts more than 2 articles each week, providing beer lovers with up-to-date information on the craft brewing industry of Canada.

They represent the interests of a growing industry of over 1000 small and independent craft breweries, brewpubs, and their suppliers. They cover breweries throughout Canada.

Canadian Craft Tours News & Blog –

This blog is based in Vancouver and provides craft brewery news, favourite monthly beers, beer party planning ideas, and information on new breweries and wineries across Canada. The articles prove to be interesting reads with insightful news.

Follow these blogs to stay updated on all the latest news and events in the beer brewing industry.