Hosting Charitable Gambling Events at Breweries

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Hosting charity events at breweries is a popular choice among charity organizations and other companies wanting to participate in charity activities. Gambling can be used as a means to raise money for charity organizations as well as community-based charity events.

Breweries provide the charities with benefits that cannot be found at other venues and stand as an entertaining location for most communities in Canada.

Online casinos have also been nominated for awards due to their efforts in gambling charity events, such as BitStarz, who were nominated for the iGaming Idol Awards, which is given for recognized efforts in entertainment and charity. Visiting reputable sites like these will provide you with enough entertainment to last a lifetime.

Benefits of Hosting at a Brewery

Hosting gambling charity events at breweries is one of the most popular ways of raising funds for communities and charitable organizations in Canada. By hosting a charity event at a brewery, the food, drinks, and entertainment will be sorted with seating and other amenities that are already taken care of.

One of the most important benefits is the fact that craft breweries in Canada are already popular, which will drive more guests to the charity event helping the organization to raise more than they bargained for.

Craft breweries are already well-known locations helping all the attendees not to get lost when looking for the venue.

How to Get Licenced

Although gambling charity events are a great way to raise funds for charities, there are certain licenses needed to host these events. In Ontario, hosting a raffle is the most popular way of staging gambling fundraisers.

The required licenses for hosting raffles or bingo gambling events for charity can be applied for at the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commissions. The licences are easily accessible with a responsible plan put in place to raising funds for a charity.

Ontario has a rich history with brewing and has some of the top Canadian breweries to use for hosting charity events.